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Who We Are

Sweet Tone Sound is a professional voiceover recording and audio narration studio. We aim to turn every project into a memorable listening experience, whether voice acting narrators and characters for audiobooks and animation or delivering educational and marketing content. Our core values of integrity, continuous learning, and creativity guide us in all that we do.

Our Process and Commitment to You

At Sweet Tone Sound, we do all our voice over recording, editing, and mastering in-house. We realize that simply turning copy into audio isn’t enough. In collaboration with you, we make the text you’ve worked so hard to perfect come to life in another medium. We do not take your trust lightly, and we will earn it every time you (re)hire us.

Studio Setup

We work fast and smart out of our own professional studio. We record in a Studiobricks booth with a Universal Audio interface and an ever-evolving cast of mics. We utilize Logic Pro X with UA, Izotope, and Brainworx plugins for all of our audio editing and post production.

Contact Us

Please contact us with any questions, for custom quotes, audition requests, or availability. We look forward to hearing from you. Until then, keep it sweet!

Sweet Tone Sound offers voiceover services for:

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Meet Our Founder, Sweet Tone Herself

Marnie Sher, Sweet Tone Sound’s founder and principal voice over artist, has always been a lover of story and character. Growing up with an older sister and single mom who insisted on books and bikes over tv nurtured an environment of activity and imagination.

After graduating from college, Marnie’s interest in people and cultures led her to places as diverse as Syria, Brooklyn, and a Colorado ranch. Each broadened her world view. She went on to work professionally with a local theatre group and to study character and dialect at Second City. Years of singing, songwriting, performing and recording music honed her technical and artistic skills of timing, rhythm, and phrasing.

This range of experience and training informs Marnie’s ability to embody character with authenticity. Such strengths, coupled with tireless enthusiasm, make Marnie Sher an excellent storyteller.

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Sweet Words from Our Customers

In 2022, I wanted to turn my novel, Hollywoodland, into an audiobook. After searching for narrators and fielding auditions, I finally came upon Marnie. And, after hearing her audition, I knew she was the one for this project. Since bringing Marnie into this project as a partner, I’ve been continually astounded by the unprecedented level of conscientiousness and professionalism that permeates every second of Hollywoodland. Her enthusiasm for narrating the story is also unprecedented in my experience as is her relentless drive for perfection. It amazed me even after months of working with Marnie at how much she gets dialed into the major characters. Her skill as a voice artist and thespian are remarkable and I’d recommend her to any writer looking for an audiobook narrator.


Let’s Get it Done!
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HOLLYWOODLAND follows the evolution of Jack the Ripper against a spectacular historical backdrop.

November 22, 1888. Young cameraman Scott Carson fires two shots. A body falls into the Thames, ending Buffalo Bill’s team’s battle with Jack the Ripper. The ship sails to New York and no one says a word about the killing and everyone uneasily resumes their lives. Then on New Year’s Eve, 1899, Carson sees a ghost from his past- On the Brooklyn Bridge during a fireworks display, he photographs what is unmistakably Jack the Ripper. Terrified, he flees New York City, leaving all his family and friends behind.

But the Ripper hasn’t forgotten Carson and his supposed treachery. And for the next 23 years, the infamous Whitechapel killer stalks Carson, slashing through any human obstacle standing in the way. Against a spectacular historical backdrop, HOLLYWOODLAND tracks the Ripper’s progress through the concrete canyons of New York City, Buffalo Bill’s legendary Irma Hotel, the fabled dream factory of Thomas Ince’s Inceville on the Malibu coast, to the battlefields of World War I France, ending with a heart-stopping finale at, yes, the original sign that once read HOLLYWOODLAND.

Narrated by Marnie L Sher aka Sweet Tone Sound

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