HOLLYWOODLAND follows the evolution of Jack the Ripper against a spectacular historical backdrop.

November 22, 1888. Young cameraman Scott Carson fires two shots. A body falls into the Thames, ending Buffalo Bill’s team’s battle with Jack the Ripper. The ship sails to New York and no one says a word about the killing and everyone uneasily resumes their lives. Then on New Year’s Eve, 1899, Carson sees a ghost from his past- On the Brooklyn Bridge during a fireworks display, he photographs what is unmistakably Jack the Ripper. Terrified, he flees New York City, leaving all his family and friends behind.

But the Ripper hasn’t forgotten Carson and his supposed treachery. And for the next 23 years, the infamous Whitechapel killer stalks Carson, slashing through any human obstacle standing in the way. Against a spectacular historical backdrop, HOLLYWOODLAND tracks the Ripper’s progress through the concrete canyons of New York City, Buffalo Bill’s legendary Irma Hotel, the fabled dream factory of Thomas Ince’s Inceville on the Malibu coast, to the battlefields of World War I France, ending with a heart-stopping finale at, yes, the original sign that once read HOLLYWOODLAND.

Narrated by Marnie L Sher aka Sweet Tone Sound

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